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  • AAAccell


    2018 Technical field : Fin Tech, AI, Big Data
    PSARM(Portfolio Selection and Risk Monitoring) is a leading quant engine developed by AAAccell that transforms an existing portfolio (instituional or private) into a lower risk portfolio, while simultaneously improving its respective returns.
  • Advantir Innovations

    Advantir Innovations

    2018 Technical field : Food Tech
    Aeration and heating technology to process hard frozen desserts into a smooth creamy ones while fully enclosing the deserts in the capsule.
  • Agorize Asia

    Agorize Asia

    2017 Technical field : Cloud, Innovation Management
    Agorize offers 100% customizable platform and customer support for corporate clients to launch open innovation challenges online and help them engage with millions of talented innovators around the globe in order to source innovation and talents.
  • Altagram


    2017 Technical field : Audio/Video Games
    Altagram is a growing, international agency offering high quality translation, audio production,culturalization and testing services to the global gaming and tech industries.
  • Ami


    2018 Technical field : SaaS
    Ami is a platform company that delivers Software-as-a-Service to landlords and property management SMEs to lower their operation cost, scale up their business easily and improve services to tenants.
  • Anzene


    2019 Technical field : Green Tech
    Anzene makes the world’s safest, strongest, standardized & smart IOT battery powered by Power Max technology to help cities transit from diesel power to renewable energy.
  • Appiness


    2016 Technical field : Media & Megadata
    Appiness’ technology is enriching any type of content with metadata, so that viewers can interact with more content and can buy what they see. We enable it through a system that combines state-of-the-art technology with open source algorithms. Therefore we allow content producers, distributors and broadcasters to combine the reach of TV. This new solution to monetize content also creates a platform that enables different API's/devices/applications to connect with this metadata and engage its audience. Our technology can be implemented within a white label solution or can be downloaded with our own integrative second screen application called Spott.
  • Backyard Brains

    Backyard Brains

    2019 Technical field : Bio Tech
    Backyard Brains aims to bring about the “NeuroRevolution” by providing affordable neuroscience equipment to high schools that previously was only available at PhD granting large research universities.
  • Bakuun.comLtd


    2018 Technical field : Travel
    Bakuun helps the airlines saving money in hotel booking in the event of a flight delay or cancellation, by offering them dynamic hourly rates based on their passenger's length of stay until the next flight. We share also that dynamic hourly room rates via co-brand solution with Airports and Hotels.
  • Bear Robotics

    Bear Robotics

    2017 Technical field : Robotics, A.I
    Bear Robotics is a Silicon Valley startup founded by ex-googlers. We are revolutionizing the restaurant space using Robotics and AI. We dream of the day where AI Robots help humans for intensive labor and improve their work environments.
  • BePos


    2018 Technical field : Fintech
    Existing POS machines take a long time to understand how to use it, and their sales and inventory management are complicated. However, BePOS can process cloud-based integrated information and remarkably reduce processing time.
  • Bildeco


    2017 Technical field : E-Commerce
    Bildeco is the first online and the only marketplace for construction materials and building decoration in Indonesia. Bildeco offers construction material manufacturer and supplier an online platform to sell their products directly to the construction companies.
  • Block School

    Block School

    2017 Technical field : Education Tech
    BlockSchool is a 1-on-1 online coding school for kids with teachers from top colleges. BlockSchool uses a fun curriculum that puts students into a Minecraft-like world where everything can be controlled by writing Puzzle code, our visual programming language.
  • Botimize


    Botimize is a realtime chatbot analytic service enabling chatbot owners to view how their chatbots interact with users.
  • Box24


    2017 Technical field : Delivery
    Box24 is a network of 24/7 smart lockers that provides delivery convenience, eliminate missed deliveries, closing times and the need to queue.
  • BreegiScientificInc.


    2018 Technical field : Medical Devices
    Our Incubator is the first multi-functional disposable low- cost Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator. It is a practical user-friendly, efficient, low maintenance, inexpensive, incubator designed to significantly reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity.
  • Briefy


    2017 Technical field : Photography, VR
    Briefy is building a global infrastructure to help businesses and creators to automate the global creation of photography and virtual reality content.
  • Cards Corp

    Cards Corp

    2017 Technical field : Information Tech
    Cards online web and mobile service is beyond contact management. On Cards, contacts go live, and continually updated with new information. Cards allows for differentiation of contact groups (for example, work, friends, and family) for more private sharing. Cards is technologically advanced and modular, allowing users to add contacts from different social networks and platforms.
  • Chemisense


    2016 Technical field : Health
    ChemiSense is a company that has developed an air quality monitor that is able to detect the key air quality pollutants present throughout the world today. Further, our device has a wider scope of detection and lower cost than the other sensors currently present in the market. The resulting data is then sent via either WiFi or Bluetooth to a computer or web application, where further data analysis and analytics are done. Using this data and web platform, we are able to provide truly actionable data for the first time, opening a way to do everything from automating building ventilation to simply helping people breathe smarter every day.
  • Cititech Technologies

    Cititech Technologies

    2018 Technical field : AI
    It provides web/mobile based accomodation service that helps business guests to use affordable price service apartments as accomodation that has been transformed to be well branded, high quality standard of service apartment powered by technologies and AI.
  • Clear Flight Solutions

    Clear Flight Solutions

    2016 Technical field : Wildlife hazard management
    Clear Flight Solutions is a company that creates unmanned aircraft systems and specializes in bird control and aerial inspections. We solve problems by combining the strength of nature with new technologies. Clear Flight Solutions operates on the edge of drone technology and nature. Our unique flapping wing Robirds look like and fly like real birds of prey offering services to markets suffering from large scale damages caused by birds, airports, waste management, agriculture and oil and gas industries. Our technology, knowledge and skills find cross-overs and technology spin-offs in a multitude of markets. Based on nature itself, the Robirds trigger the instinct of birds through the combination of silhouette and wing movement. Thus chasing birds becomes completely controllable. The person on the ground is always in control of what happens in the air. Two types of Robirds have been developed: A falcon and an eagle model.
  • Clotify


    2019 Technical field : Online marketing / e-business
    Clotify is the social fashion marketplace mobile app that allows its users to buy looks and clothes of celebrities seen on their favorite TV programs as well as buy and sell used apparel.
  • ConfiguRate


    2017 Technical field : Customer Satisfaction Survey
    ConfiguRate is a fast feedback technology for turning customers’ experience into immediate insights.
  • 4st winner CoolFarm


    2017 Technical field : Farming, Robotics
    "CoolFarm provides a turnkey solution to grow local, fresh, nutritious and delicious food all year round with minimum waste and maximum safety! The machine is intelligent, automatic from A to Z, customizable and modular, meaning that it is highly scalable, both vertically and horizontally, providing a quick return of investment for restaurants and supermarkets."
  • CreateUs


    2018 Technical field : Marketing
    CreateUs has a social networking platform called 'Repl240'. Whenever you recommend a good restaurant, or a good product to a friend, businesses make a lot of money because of you, but you will never be compensated. We are trying to solve this problem by our review oriented marketplace, 'repl240', by giving part of the profit for each sale back to the recommender.
  • Crowdz


    2017 Technical field : AI Blockchain, Supply Chain, Management SaaS
    Crowdz is the Invoice Auction & Exchange for Trade Finance. Unlike traditional invoice-buying entities, Crowdz has created an entire supply-chain ecosystem, which makes it possible, for the first time, to extend trade finance to all supply-chain finance participants even while driving down its costs.
  • Customily


    2018 Technical field : E-Commerce
    Customily is a SaaS for e-commerces that sell personalized products. It integrates into any e-commerce platform(such as shopify or magento) to provide customers with a live dynamic preview of how their products will look.
  • DarcMatter


    2016 Technical field : FinTech
    DarcMatter utilizes technology to provide investors and asset managers with solutions for alternatives with our platform providing a completely secure engine. We ensure that asset managers remain compliant with securities regulations. The platform’s algorithm-driven matching automates portfolio recommendations to investors based on their reported personal information. Asset managers can use this same algorithm to generate new investor leads. Furthermore, we facilitate cross-border investment flow and removes geographical restrictions. DarcMatter creates portfolios of top US asset managers in order to provide offshore investors with investment diversity and lower minimum requirements. For asset managers, this represents an attractive way to tap into a global investor base while benefiting from streamlined logistics and investor relations.
  • DesignBold


    DesignBold provides web design sharing platform that allows non-experts to easily design, and professional designers to sell their own templates.
  • Dinlr


    2017 Technical field : F&B Front-of-house Solutions
    We help F&B businesses reduce manpower and increase their efficiency by using front-of-house solutions designed for the F&B industry
  • DOV-E


    2016 Technical field : Telecommunications
    DOV-E’s technology provides instant and secure wireless mobile connectivity using the always "on" audio interface. It works on any mobile and easy to use for retailers. Retailers have many platforms - in-store POS, digital screens, e-commerce websites, and ads. However, there is no single solution for user engagement which supports all mobile phones and all retail platforms. The common denominator in all of these retail platforms is - they all have speakers. DOV-E’s patented technology utilizes these speakers and provides secure, quick, easy to use mobile payment and interactive mobile engagement on any platform.
  • Dream Agility

    Dream Agility

    2017 Technical field : Retail Tech, Advertising Platform
    Dream Agility offers award-winning, machine learning and cloud based, software for optimizing online advertising. Connecting to paid advertising services such as Google, Facebook, Baidu, Amazon, eBay and now Naver.
  • DRVR


    2018 Technical field : IoT, Big Data
    DRVR has developed a simple yet powerful service that gives you the visibility you need to make your business world class. They connect vehicles to the Internet using smart IoT sensors. Their DRVR Engine then processes that data and turns it into actionable knowledge. Covering fleet, Cold Chain and bike tracking and most recently vessels, DRVR can use Big data centered on transport operational patterns to help businesses.
  • Einsof Biohealth

    Einsof Biohealth

    2016 Technical field : Biotechnology
    Einsof Biohealth is a biotechnology company that has patented the most advanced technology for rehydration worldwide. All of our current rehydration solutions are based on technology that is built for as long as 50 years. Our Encapsulated Nano Electrolytes technology is the most advanced rehydration technology worldwide. It rehydrates up to 3 times faster than current leading drinks, with 33% of intake needed and good taste. It also uses no artificial ingredients and lower levels of sugar. This technology allows our products Speedlyte and Hydralon to rehydrate their specific users faster, with lower intake and good taste.
  • 4st winner Ekport


    2019 Technical field : Online marketing / e-business is an A.I. based (patent pending) Export Distribution Channel used by exporters.
  • Electronic Nose

    Electronic Nose

    2017 Technical field : HW, AI, Big Data
    Electronic nose aims to develop machine olfaction, which mimics the human’s sense of smell to give robots the power to smell, through what is called ‘electronic nose’. Electronic nose is a platform technology that can digitize the odor, making it easier for robots to describe the odor’s character and communicate it to human users.
  • EmpaticaXR


    2018 Technical field : Blockchain, VR
    EmpaticaXR is a company that provides a transformational technology that stimulates the user's self-sense, changes the way of understanding each other, and connects each other deeper.
  • AI) AI)

    2019 Technical field : AI
    We are offering an Enterprise-grade AI assistant called “Etta”, which provides in-depth, accurate and real-time market intelligence to CEOs, Directors, VPs, Managers across Automotive, Electronics, F&B, Chemical Industries.
  • Exora Technologies

    Exora Technologies

    2018 Technical field : PaaS
    Energy related bidding platform. By connecting electricity suppliers and consumers to blind bidding. Exora Technologies Inc. enables businesses to get low-cost power.
  • Fashory


    2016 Technical field : Fashion tech, mobile commerce, ecommerce, big data
    Fashory is the transparent app that removes the daily hassle of "what should I wear today" for contemporary women by providing them with relevant outfit suggestions for every occasion and the convenience of buying it anywhere, anytime. Users will also learn about their own preferences from the discovery process. We also offer a mobile solution for brands to bridge the interest-decision gap by offering persuasive buy-in triggers for fashion consumers on the go and a frictionless photo-to-transaction sales process focusing on occasion and relevant.
  • Favful


    2016 Technical field : Beauty
    Favful is Tripadvisors for beauty products figuring out “what really works” on our precious skin and body can be overwhelming at times. We believe there is a better way. We believe in a technology where we can empower each other and unbiased information can be obtained easily at our fingertips. With that mission in mind, we are revolutionizing how people make their decision on health and beauty products.
  • Festivality


    2018 Technical field : E-Commerce, SaaS
    Festivality is a platform technology for festivals and events to build smarter next-generation mobile apps, gain new revenues and actionable event and fan analytics. Festivality digitizes live events and turns them into actionable data.
  • Findster Technologies

    Findster Technologies

    2016 Technical field : Wearables
    Findster Technologies S.A. creates products that bring peace of mind to parents and pet owners. You can monitor your loved ones in real-time, share their location with authorized people and receive notifications when they leave or enter a predefined area. Due to their groundbreaking RF technology, Findster Technologies S.A. provides the location of your loved ones in real time, are free of contracts and monthly fees - the first reliable and affordable GPS tracker.
  • 1st winner Fingertips Lab

    Fingertips Lab

    2016 Technical field : Consumer Electronics
    Fingertips Lab is a venture-backed startup and its flagship product is its personal mobile interface O6. An all-access controller for the mobile lifestyle, O6 connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to any iPhone, allowing users to browse, operate and toggle between virtually every app and platform at the touch of a finger and completely eyes-free. It not only interacts with mobile applications for smart phones but also interacts with infotainment system and home automation.
  • Fletch


    2016 Technical field : Educational Technology
    Fletch is a learner centered student support technology with two sides; the Fletch app and the Fletch SRP. The Fletch app is native on iPhone and Android. We also have a responsive web application that provides the same functionality for students with crowd sourcing answers, sharing notes, making school wide posts and class related posts, and finding or organizing study groups. The Fletch Student Retention Platform provides administrators with access to a backend portal to identify at risk students. From this platform, administrators can push resources and learn about optimizing student performance and the effectiveness of the institution’s support services.
  • Flexmotiv Technologies

    Flexmotiv Technologies

    2018 Technical field : Health
    Flexmotiv manufacture cruthces that reduce strength and impact on arms and legs, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • Flint at work

    Flint at work

    2018 Technical field : Travel, AI
    KlickPoints is a platform for users to create their own maps, and share location highlights. It aims to provide 1)powerful tools any useres to share location-based information in their own channel, integrated with the content, and 2)AI-assisted algorithm to offer suggestions of lcation highlights to users.
  • Fukam


    2018 Technical field : Chemical
    The special substance for processing different fabrics and building materials “FUKAM”. Using this substance you can protect your materials from being ignited under the action of open flame.
  • Futurehome


    2017 Technical field : Smarthome, Smartcity, IoT
    User friendly smart home application running on iOS, Android and Web. Allows customers to control, monitor and automate their home IoT devices.
  • GetLinks


    2016 Technical field : Marketplace, Social Network, Recruiting
    GetLinks is a quality curated Tech Hiring Marketplace for the Asian tech industry. We aim to help the 25M Tech Talents of Developers, Designers and Digital marketers in Asia to break into their dream jobs in Top Tech Companies and Startups. Our platform provides a scalable supply of affordable, curated tech talents. Today, thousands of tech talents are already using GetLinks to get hired by world-leading tech companies in Asia.
  • 2st winner GIBLIB


    2019 Technical field : Edu Tech
    GIBLIB is known as the “Netflix of Medical Education”. We curate and create high quality educational videos from subject matter experts at the leaading academic medical centers and stream on-demand to medical professionals globally.
  • Go GreenEOT

    Go GreenEOT

    2016 Technical field : Energy
    Go GreenEOT (Energy of Things) Pvt Ltd. is a company that is focused on energy as a sector. Currently we are focused on increasing the uptake of electric Vehicles which helps us increase our purchasing parity of Lithium batteries, a main energy storage source. We do this by manufacturing electric vehicles, which with the increased connectivity via 4G/5G, communicate to the cloud in real time. The data that is transmitted in real time gives an insight into the way a person is riding to their destination and other parameters which help us analyze every movement of the person and package on the vehicle. This data also helps us to improve efficiency.
  • GraphicsMiner


    2018 Technical field : Education, AI
    Simulation and AI-based education platform consists of a cross platform education application and a cloud service allowing learners and educators to create their own gamification scenarios and share their knowledge instantly.
  • Happy Skin Vietnam

    Happy Skin Vietnam

    Happy Skin Vietnam is a vertical business about beauty, in which we build a beuty ecosystem, developing integrated multi-platform functionality, providing diversified services, focusing on skin care, make up & health.
  • Hatchme


    2017 Technical field : AI, Matching
    Hatchme provides a platform that serves to analyze each candidate’s unique career history and profile it to millions of others to guide recruitment and career development. Employers can also easily reach out to qualified candidates who will be pre-screened for suitability according to the job position the employer is hiring for.
  • Hauzd


    2017 Technical field : Real Estate, SaaS, 3D Tech
    Hauzd is the ultimate sales solution for real estate developers as it offers customized interactive 3D application that contains all the information necessary to make sales.
  • Heelium


    2018 Technical field : Health
    Heelium is an athletic footwear and wearable startup with primary focus on sports safety and sustainability.
  • Herxun


    2016 Technical field : Internet
    Herxun Technology Limited provides cloud platform and services for mobile innovation. We use a lightspeed mobile engagement platform that produces a social graph engine like Facebook and a messaging engine like Line.
  • HeySuccess


    2017 Technical field : Education
    HeySuccess helps college students to discover their career path much earlier, even before graduation, through a combination of career development AI and thousands of career building opportunities abroad. In addition to that, HeySuccess helps universities to prepare much more successful graduates with its white-labelled solutions for university career centers.
  • HigherEdAS


    Highered posts internships, graduate opportunities, and employer value proposition directly at the top 5% leading educational institutions through one single point of contact.


    Halal Informatics (HOLISTICS) Lab Sdn Bhd is a Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) spin-off company whereby it specializes in research, development and commercialization of halal technology solutions.
  • igl coatings(Ominent)

    igl coatings(Ominent)

    2019 Technical field : Nano Tech
    IGL Coatings is a young coating firm that develops and produces coatings utilizing nanotechnology to create eco-friendly and efficient versions compared to competitor’s products.
  • 2st winner igloohome


    2017 Technical field : Logistics, E-Commerce, Big Data
    Igloohome provides a smartdoor lock - based on bluetooth communication with mobile devices. Their encryption system is able to generate specific formulas (similar to internet banking tokens) over a Bluetooth connection to ensure security and longer battery life.
  • iGrow


    2016 Technical field : Agriculture, finance technology
    iGrow is a company that connects underemployed farmers, underutilized land, and the investors to grow an organic farm. Investors choose the seeds that they want to invest in on iGrow's website, and they can get routine updates of how their seeds grow. After the harvest time, iGrow sells the produce to the customers and shares the profit among investors and farmers. iGrow provides a web-based solution to manage any plantation in the world and has its agroforestry research facility. Our aim is to connect farmers, landowners, investors and crop buyers together to create a complete farming supply chain.
  • 4st winner Imagga


    2016 Technical field : Machine Learning
    "Imagga is a platform of cloud-based API’s for automated image and video tagging that enables developers and businesses to build applications that understand visual content. Imagga’s proprietary image recognition technology is deeply rooted on image recognition, machine learning and deep convolutional neural networks algorithms. Imagga is currently used by over 6,500 developers and 170 businesses worldwide and has received multiple worldwide awards such as Best Technology Vendor at South Summit '15 by HM The King of Spain, Global Champion in News and Media at World Summit Awards '16 by the United Nations, and Global Innovator in Image Analytics '16 by IDC, among others."
  • Imaginate


    2017 Technical field : AR / VR
    "Imaginate delivers an immersive AR/VR 3D meeting solution to improve how businesses collaborate, train, and conduct user testing in the 4th industrial revolution. We are the world's first solution to multi-device conferencing and can be thought of as the WebEx of AR/VR. Since 2012, clients such as Ford, MetLife, Indian Army, GE, Accenture, Larsen & Tourbo, and Shell have used Imaginate’s solutions to continually innovate and to streamline various operations."
  • IMPCT Coffee

    IMPCT Coffee

    2018 Technical field : Sustainable
    IMPCT Coffee is a global social enterprise that is pioneering what it cals impact trade: direct rade products whose revenue is transparently invested into proven and effective interventions at origin. It sources the world's best coffee, roast it fresh, and invest the profits into local women to build and run Playcare preschools for their communities.
  • Imux


    2018 Technical field : E-Solution
    IMUX helps you search through your organisational databases and get you the right answers within seconds without depending on developers, analysts or other peers.
  • Incubig


    2019 Technical field : AI
    Incubig is an AI-powered patent and research analytics platform, helping individuals and organizations to easily access patent analytics in real-time, with minimum 60% cost savings, and increased ROI on their research, and patents.
  • InformDS Technologies

    InformDS Technologies

    2018 Technical field : Health
    Doxper is Health tech startup which has created a digital pen and coded paper system for doctors to record patient information.
  • iNICU


    2017 Technical field : Health
    "iNICU (integrated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is a medical information platform for neonatal intensive care units, capturing real-time clinical data from connected devices, laboratory results, and vital parameters and bedside observations by medical professionals. The platform consolidates and formats the information from the aforementioned sources for use by professionals across many verticals of medical care from nurses, doctors, and paediatricians among others."
  • 3st winner Inspire Me Korea

    Inspire Me Korea

    2019 Technical field : logistics
    Inspire Me Korea is a monthly Korean culture subscription box service to make Korean products more accessible internationally.

    2018 Technical field : Education
    We reinvented the way universities connect with organizations, making students' projects have real use in society, solving real challenges.
  • 1st winner Is it fresh

    Is it fresh

    2017 Technical field : Manufacturing
    "is it fresh aims to digitalize packaging and integrate smart sensor technology. With the help of printed electronics is it fresh developed so called freshtags, NFC-enabled sensors that not just label products (e.g. food and pharma) to track its origin but also provides information about the product freshness (e.g. temperature or pH value). The sensors are used in combination with a cloud-assisted web-service to gain."
  • Jamsii(Toktok)


    2019 Technical field : Media contents
    Jamsii is a mobile app helping people to manage sleep, stress and performance issues.
    Content is provided as mindfulness meditation and audio-guided sessions created by experts in France and Korea.
  • Jarvis Store

    Jarvis Store

    2017 Technical field : SW platform
    Jarvis Store is a mobile first online store platform for SMBs: with only 1 minute setup you can have professional online store with integrated global shipping and payment system. More than 40 thousand SMBs in Indonesia are already using it.
  • JIO


    2016 Technical field : Media and Entertainment
    JIO provides real-time granular, content-specific sentiment analysis with constant optimization which allows media companies to get in-depth profiles of their viewers, resulting in better ad placements and higher revenues. We do so by creating a safe and shared viewing experience, promoting immediate sentiment expression between friends, which we quantify.
  • Jublia


    2018 Technical field : SaaS
    The premier event networking platform that integrates solutions to form the most complete answer that transform face-to-face meetings and elevates resultant event ROIs for delegates, exhibitors and organisers.
  • Kadho


    2016 Technical field : Education and Sports Technology
    Kadho’s Neurofoundation Curriculum is a global program, providing dramatically improved cognitive skills in children and adults by engaging users in an entertaining process while enhancing the brain’s neuropathways. Our program is a suite of platforms that can be integrated into toys, games and eBooks which evolve into brain enriching tools. This curriculum powers two distinct business units under Kadho: Neurofoundation Education and Neurofoundation Sports. For Education, we aim to develop products to harness a child's cognitive development for optimal neural stimulation. At Kadho Sports, our mission is to enhance the natural abilities of athletes for game day performance.
  • Kaitek Labs

    Kaitek Labs

    2017 Technical field : Biotechnology
    Kaitek is a Chilean startup focused on detecting toxicity in shellfish meant for consumption. Specifically, their technology is able to detect ‘red tide’ toxin, caused by the bloom of algae in large bodies of water.
  • Kodimo


    2019 Technical field : Edu Tech http://
    Kodimo is an educational technology company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with a mission to provide products and services to learn 21st century skills for children ages from 3 years old.
  • Laserpas


    2018 Technical field : AI
    Laserpas is a new type of company ? a helicopter and drone operator, working only with power grids. Laserpas solutions compete with typical on-ground inspection, allowing acquisition of larger than before amounts of data at an unprecedented frequency.
  • 3st winner Lineus Medical

    Lineus Medical

    2018 Technical field : Health
    The SafeBreak gives hospitals & patients valuable protection for any type of IV Access site, preventing accidental dislodgment.
  • Livin Farms

    Livin Farms

    2018 Technical field : Food Tech
    Livin Farms Ltd develops insect breeding devices for extracting the necessary ingredients from insects to replace meat proteins in the food market, provides insects for breeding, and processes food using insect proteins.
  • Loka Travel

    Loka Travel

    2017 Technical field : Travel
    "LokaLocal provides feature-rich technologies to connect global travelers to true local experience hosted by locals with unique skills and stories to share."
  • Look2Go


    2018 Technical field : Beauty
    Look2Go is looking to disrupt the industry by offering complete 'looks' as well as an accompanying video(viewable via QR code)to make sure users have everything they need to apply the look of their choice. Look2Go is also planning to offer powder and liquid product packs in one offering - a feat that has eluded brands thus far.
  • Marine Nexus

    Marine Nexus

    2017 Technical field : Logistics
    One-stop online platform that makes ships, equipment and services searchable in seconds. Users can search by vessel or product type, review listings and contact suppliers directly to request for quotations.
  • Minastir


    2019 Technical field : Financial investment / Fin tech
    We develop proprietary enterprise SaaS solutions that harnesses the power of AI to provide bespoke and intelligent asset management products for the asset management industry.
  • Mind Rockets

    Mind Rockets

    2016 Technical field : IT Solutions Assistive Tech for the Deaf
    Mind Rockets Inc. has two main products: Mimix and Mimix real time movie interpretation bot. Mimix is a mobile app. that translates speech and text to American Sign Language using an animated avatar on mobile screens of android devices. Mimix real time movie interpretation bot is a software which translates any movie played to sign language using an avatar on the screen corner for a considerable majority of the deaf population who cannot read or have low reading skills. Mind Rockets Inc. has more products coming up in development such as E book readers in sign language.
  • Mind&idea fly

    Mind&idea fly

    2018 Technical field : VR/AR
    An open platform to help anyone to easily create AR mobile application without any professional programming knowledge and edit and create VR/AR/MR
  • MINTm


    2018 Technical field : AI, Advertising
    MintM is computer vision based data platform which helps physical businesses such as Ratail, Digital Signage, Logistics and Manufacturing with real time measurement, analysis and automation.
  • Mishipay


    2017 Technical field : Payments, FinTech
    Mishipay is a theft proof mobile self-out technology that allows shoppers to simply scan, pay and leave. We also integrate completely into existing systems of retailers and so we essentially provide every store with the Amazon Go experience at only a fraction of the cost.
  • MoonROK


    2016 Technical field : Media / Entertainment
    moonROK Media is the world’s premier website publishing K-Pop news and entertainment in English. Our website is for the group of fans from various genres in K-Pop who cannot speak Korean. Our aim is to satisfy the community that surrounds K-Pop that is one of the most unique, diverse, and passionate groups of people in the world. People of all ages, races, sexes, religions, and nationalities are united by their love for a culture and music perhaps entirely different from anything in their home country. This is why we chose “moonROK” for our name.
  • Mora


    2018 Technical field : Blockchain
    Mora's mission is to create blockchain-based games that catalyse global adoption for blockchain technology. Morea offers engaging blockchain games with game mechanics that have been proven to be successful in the past. The team, with extensive expertise in behavioural psychology and blockchain technology, focus on gameplay exxperience and seamless integration with blockchain technology.
  • Music Mind

    Music Mind

    2016 Technical field : Entertainment
    Music Mind gives K-Pop artists a way to connect directly with their fans. We allow artists to freely communicate with their fans and then give fans easy access to K-Pop contents. Our aim is to become the best K-Pop multimedia platform that connects artists and fans from all over the world. Because our team has experience at the highest levels of the music industry, and have worked with K-Pop stars on numerous occasions, our future goal is to deal with the logistics of brokering relationships with new artists and producing high quality multimedia content.
  • myBOX


    2018 Technical field : PaaS
    myBox is a reliable on-demand storage service provider that allows customers to store anything they want.
  • Mycroft


    2017 Technical field : AI, IoT
    Mycroft is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered open source voice recognition solution. Mycroft’s platform allows users to integrate voice recognition to any and all platforms (be it IoT, automobile, apps, etc.) while providing the open source flexibility and ownership of one’s data not provided by major AI players such as Google or Amazon.
  • MyMusicTeacher


    2016 Technical field : Game & Education
    MyMusicTeacher is a cross-platform application that turns guitar teaching into a fun and addictive 3D game. Using the device's microphone, we deliver a real-time audio analysis and feedback, making MyMusicTeacher more motivating and interactive than any online video school while being more convenient and affordable than private schools(hagwon). Since our courses are completely built upon well-known songs, a student can learn what they listen to from their very first minute with us. That's the core of MMT and our motive: lifting obstacles between people and music.
  • Nano Clean

    Nano Clean

    2017 Technical field : Nanotechnology
    We have developed a ground breaking filter technology to save people from the harmful effect of tiny suspended particles emitted from vehicles, coel-burning power plants, factories, charcoal/firewood burning etc. and hence avoid resipiratory disease, heart problem and lung cancer, especially keeping in mind 2.5pm concentration.
  • NexRea


    2018 Technical field : AR/VR
    NexRea has developed an Augmented Reality app that promises an easier, cheaper and dare we say a better way to showcase your Equipment and its features and complexity without it actually being present or if present, remaining unpacked.
  • Nitium Technology

    Nitium Technology

    The world's first porous nickel titanium dental implant
  • 1st winner NODIS


    2018 Technical field : Electronics, Nanotech
    Develpment and manufacture of smart glass that can change the color of windows according to the external environment by using sunlight to achieve energy saving effect.
  • 1st winner nr2


    2019 Technical field : AI
    nr2 rank China’s most disruptive companies. We give our clients an edge in the rapidly evolving world of innovation through our open search engine and on demand access to analytics on disruption risk and opportunity.
    Our bespoke products allow to configure fast-changing innovation into the heart of their processes.
    Our AI-powered research and analytics integrates data science, on-the-ground research and 20+ years innovation investment experience.
  • O2O2 Facewear

    O2O2 Facewear

    2018 Technical field : Health
    O2O2 allows the millions who rely on masks and respirators daily the freedom to live without fear of air pollutants & airborne pathogens.
  • Ohnana Tents

    Ohnana Tents

    2018 Technical field : Outdoor
    The Ohnana Tent uses a special aluminium coating which reflects up to 90% of sunlight. The coating prevents the tent from absorbing infrared light, which is the light frequency responsible for heating up your tent to uncomfortable temperatures.
  • oneCHARGE Solutions

    oneCHARGE Solutions

    2018 Technical field : Vehicle
    Offer complete solutions on public charging facilities, operations and management support with optimal user experience.Provides charging network design and construction service, car manufacturers can build their exclusive network to promote their brand.


    2018 Technical field : Health
    The problem we are solving is reducing diagnosis error in fetal ultrasound. Sonographers and doctors are still missing 50-70 percent heart defects, in practice. Since the skill sets of sonographers vary vastly, it is hard for all of them to acquire accurate ultrasound images/videos that capture all abnormalities.
  • Ourotech


    2016 Technical field : Biotech, Health
    Ourotech is a company that is creating a universally compatible, syringe-based bioink for 3D printers and other dispensing systems. Ourotech provides a supplement to animal testing cancer drugs at a fraction of the cost using proprietary biomaterials to create engineered human tumors for drug screening. Our 3D tumor models can be used to reduce false positives during pre-clinical trials to save time and money on unnecessary clinical trials for ineffective drugs. Our biomaterials and tumor genesis protocols can be modified to mimic conditions of the human tumor microenvironment. Our flagship product, Genesis, uses shear-thinning technology to change from solid to liquid form with pressure, and to protect cells from pressure while transitioning.
  • OWLR


    2017 Technical field : Security
    OWLR Technologies (“OWLR”) is an innovative security monitoring service that integrates with most off-the-shelf IP security cameras to provide a high-quality, cost-effective, user-controlled security and awareness platform for home and office use.

    2018 Technical field : AI is a visual data platform for collaboration between humans and artificial agents.
  • Peko Rewards Wallet

    Peko Rewards Wallet

    2018 Technical field : Blockchain
    Peko is a blockchain platform that empowers businesses to grow through a decentralized collaborative marketplace. Peko platform will target the global collaborative economy, enabling business owners to tap on existing and potential stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and employees to co-fund business projects, collaborate on business operation and co-share profits earned.
  • Photomyne


    2017 Technical field : Photography
    Photomyne is a smart and easy-to-use app that lets you scan entire photo albums in a flash, share scanned photos with the people you love, reminisce the good times and save them forever. It's all just a tap away.
  • PhyPass


    2019 Technical field : retail / market survey (temporarily down)
    PhyPass is a technological startup from Vietnam, whose vision is to leverage other businesses with human recognition and behaviour understandings using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.
  • Polywed


    2017 Technical field : Health
    Polywed provides an in-house machine-learning algorithm called BioChron to help doctors better schedule and increase success rate for in vitro fertilization(IVF).
  • 2st winner Preksh Innovations

    Preksh Innovations

    2016 Technical field : Augmented/Virtual Reality
    Preksh Innovations Private Limited virtualizes physical stores and bring them live online. Our technology based solution enables businesses to take their stores to customers, wherever they are, 24X7. Consumers will be able to enjoy seamless shopping experience of walking through their favourite store, discover their choice of products looking around the store, just the way they do in a physical store, and purchase online at their own convenience.
  • Preply


    2017 Technical field : Education
    Preply is a global marketplace for online tutoring. We help people learn more and faster with one on one online tutors from all over the world.
  • Prism Tehcnic

    Prism Tehcnic

    Electronic device for anti-corrosion control with very low current and power consumption which drops maintenance cost with high efficiency.
  • ProvenMed


    2018 Technical field : Health
    ProvenMed founders have successfully created a revolutionary urinary incontinence management device that provides comfort, ease of use and hygiene to men suffering from urinary incontinence.
  • Pulzze Systems

    Pulzze Systems

    2016 Technical field : IT, IoT
    Pulzze Systems, Inc. is a US Government funded technology company based in Silicon Valley, producing IoT Infrastructure products. Pulzze Interactor makes it possible for any connected devices and systems to work with each other without coding. For example, with Pulzze Interactor, more than a thousand smart street lights can be configured to work together (in few hours), solutions can be build in few days rather than months.
  • Pure Value Europe

    Pure Value Europe

    Pure Value Europe provides Smart Display(in-store promotion display) that gives product information through IoT technology along with a wide range of product displays.
  • RealSpeaker


    2016 Technical field : information technology service activities
    RealSpeaker 2.0 uses deep learning to convert speech to text with up to 100% accuracy. We help professionals transfer speech to the text without keyboard. We use multiplatform that is language independent for any dialect and working process from any gadget. RealSpeaker’s main features include transforming voice to text at any length, entering data at any text editor, transcribing audio and video to text.
  • Red Dino

    Red Dino

    2019 Technical field : Online marketing / e-business
    we help set up your online stores on famous marketplaces and outsource your operational works so you can focus on your business and manage multiple marketplaces under one platform.
  • Red Pill Lab

    Red Pill Lab

    2018 Technical field : AI, VR
    Red Pill Lab applies deep learning algorithms to optimize the workflow of real-time character animation. Its voice-to-facial engine and full body IK-solver work together to add a new level of realism to virtual characters in VR games.
  • Rely


    2018 Technical field : Payment
    Rely is a credit payment solution that offers consumers a flexible way to split their purchases into 3 to 6 interest-free payments. It enables retailers to offer a buy now pay later payment method to their customers and drives higher average order values and boost checkout conversion thus increasing sales.
  • Rezi


    2017 Technical field : Career Planning
    "Rezi offers product to fit the needs of two groups of consumers; the individual job seeker and the enterprise customer. Rezi’s resume solutions are tailored to fit the needs of each group by providing Rezi instant and Rezi Service Based Products."
  • Sanam Company

    Sanam Company

    2018 Technical field : Health
    produce coffe concentrate(CMC) which are environmentally friendly and rich in antioxidants by using the husks and flesh of the coffee beans that are used for the production of coffee beans.
  • Sansox


    2018 Technical field : Cleantech
    Sansox makes water treatment fast, efficient and economical with its non-electric water treatment solutions that enable low capital(CAPEX) and operating expenses(OPEX)
  • Scoodit


    2018 Technical field : Food Tech
    Scoodit is the 1st cooking app ever to use visual recognition.
  • SeeHow


    2018 Technical field : Food Tech
    application service where providers disclose the history and the delivery status of food manufacturing through video and report so that consumers can easily obtain information on the purchased food prouduct using the information.
  • Slasify


    2017 Technical field : Information Tech
    Slasify helps you assemble and manage your very own global virtual team to execute and bring your idea to life. From the moment you sign up, we manage it to the finish line.
  • SmartPeep


    2017 Technical field : Health
    SmartPeep provides automated fall detection systems for elderly care using real-time video analytics. Unlike wearable that can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, our camera-based fall detection system does not interrupt elderly’s day-to-day activities, and allows family members and nurses to attend to any sudden fall incidents immediately.
  • SmartpHlex


    2016 Technical field : Health
    SmartpHlex is focused on new product platforms for health and performance monitoring of humans, animals, food, water, and soil. SmartpHlex also focuses on structures based on miniature, battery-less, wireless, low cost, low power, easily integrated to end products. Initially to solve the "acid reflux" problem, PH sensor was tested in animals to be used in human body. Many applications of this sensor among other sensors, are now targeted for various applications and markets that are here and more immediate.
  • Snippt


    2018 Technical field : E-commerce
    short consumable content that gives you a good understanding of the product in less than 1min, having a faster and easier payment process with highly adaptive UX/UI.
  • Socomo Technologies

    Socomo Technologies

    2017 Technical field : On-demand Platform
    The perfect field force management solution that enables your business to go on-demand. We are based out of Chandigarh, with presence in the hyperlocal markets of 45+ cities within India and powering 800 companies with this solution across 100+ countries. Businesses across the world use our platform to efficiently manage workflows and creatively customize as per needs.
  • Softinn Solutions

    Softinn Solutions

    2017 Technical field : B2B Travel Software, Cloud
    "Cloud Reservation System for Boutique Hotels, Resorts & Vacation Rentals. We help small & medium hotels to sell more rooms with direct booking without heavy IT investment. Also, distribute their rooms to exclusive partners like TripAdvisor, HomeAway, etc."
  • SoundRex


    2016 Technical field : Entertainment, Technology, IoT, Hardware
    At SoundRex, we are creating the next generation of sound technology. We initially start implementing our technology in Concerts, where in everybody who goes to the concert gets a wearable wristband speaker. So, now, instead of listening from just two main PA speakers, you are listening from 1000s of spatially distributed speakers. There are two major advantages to this system. Firstly, the sound experience is highly immersive and secondly it opens an entire new dimension of creativity.
  • Student Life Care

    Student Life Care

    Student Life Care focuses on supporting Vietnamese Students who study abroad by providing Living & Studying Oversea training course.
  • Sum & Substance

    Sum & Substance

    2018 Technical field : Security
    Sum&Substance is a developer of remote verification solutions. Our technology allows online services around the world to meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud and enhance customer confidence.
  • TagBox Solutions

    TagBox Solutions

    2018 Technical field : IoT
    Our RCA module provides users the ability to find out why unwanted events happened. Our module analyzes historical patterns and explores statistical relationships with other telemetry data and client's EDW data to generate actionable insights.
  • Tanimac


    2017 Technical field : HW, Agro Tech
    TaniMac Trayseeder X saves 95% of labour costs that farmers have been spending on sowing. It sows 50 pieces of seeds in less than 30 seconds (whereas it takes farmers usually 10 minutes to complete manually). In Malaysia, such savings constitute to 4 months of labor cost a year. On the engineering side, it's designed convineintly as a handheld device and can be operated single handedly.
  • Teambay


    2016 Technical field : Business Software or Software as a Service (SaaS), CS
    Teambay is a workplace analytics platform. Our easy-to-use software enables employees to anonymously share their honest opinions about their work with their managers, who in turn can analyze their team. Teambay questions are based on scientific findings and are carefully chosen to fully explore all aspects of your team’s job satisfaction and engagement. They help benchmark your organization by getting a simple analysis across departments, gender and seniority levels and see how similar companies answer teambay questions compared to your enterprise.
  • Technovator


    2018 Technical field : Energy, Wireless
    The system allows to charge up to 8 devices at onece within a radices of 5m from the base station without any cable or special platform conncection. Technovator XE operates at frequencies up to 100MHZ. This frequency range is safe for human, animals and the environment.
  • 2st winner Tespack


    2018 Technical field : Wearables, Energy
    produces diffrent high and end products for outdoors, rescue and military usage. One of the first companies to combine hardware and IoT in their field. They are able to charge 2900 mAh in 8 minutes, battery techonology inherently safer than any competitor thus working with military. Data collection is key in their business strategy roadmap.
  • Text Mercato

    Text Mercato

    2018 Technical field : Machine Learning
    Text Mercato offers high quality content writing services through their vast network of professional content writers helping you set your brand apart.
  • The Energy Audit

    The Energy Audit

    The Energy Audit srls is a company that develops B2B software for comprehensive energy management. Our mission is to unlock the value of companies' energy related data to help them reduce their energy consumption. Thanks to predictive modeling we can forecast the precise consumption of an asset, monitor the deviations of real consumption from what the model predicts and therefore intercept waste promptly. Our software solution is one of the few in the market that offers a global energy management system according to ISO international standards.
  • Timescenery


    2018 Technical field : Travel
    Timescenery is a travel technology platform for planning, booking and exchanging travel itineraries in visual form. It lets travelers plan their trips from scratch or find trip scenarios in the marketplace, customize and book everyting on a single website(B2B and B2C).
  • Toolyt


    2017 Technical field : SaaS Enterprise
    "Toolyt is an intelligent productivity app for field officers, which can be automated with event and data driven workflows to increase productivity by 40%. Toolyt is the First SaaS SFA DIY application where user can signup online, configure required modules, create hierarchy etc. and take the team live in 20 minutes."


    2016 Technical field : Entertainment for kids/Education/Media
    ToonYou is an app that gives the opportunity to customize a Cartoon Series with the faces of the family. Mom, Dad and the kid. Our engine generates more than 100 expressions with only one selfie/picture. You can see it on Toonyou’s website.
  • Torchit


    2018 Technical field : Health
    A hypothetical guide made for the visually impaired or those with low vision. A portable device that can be easily held in your hand to allow you to move yourself without the help of others, using vibration to tell you if things are nearby.
  • Total Cross

    Total Cross

    2017 Technical field : IT/Mobile Applications
    TotalCross is a development tool that helps companies and JAVA developers to create apps for iOS, Android, Win CE (collectors and handhelds) and even desktops (Windows, Linux and MacOS).
  • TPS Engage

    TPS Engage

    2019 Technical field : Online marketing / e-business
    TPS Engage is an international ad tech solution focused on increasing advertising performance by serving the right ad at the right time on any digital outdoor and indoor billboard in the world.
  • Transformity


    2017 Technical field : "On-demand Platform, AI, Big Data"
    Transformify uses powerful algorithms to match awesome people with exciting jobs. Our billing/self-billing and payments solution allows our clients to hire candidates on a project basis or part-time all over the world and transfer secure payments to them via a click on a button.
  • TravelFlan


    2016 Technical field : Travel
    TravelFlan collects data on travel behavior. We are working with Chinese Online Travel Agent and Airlines. With utilizing AI-Powered Chatbot, our product creates upsell opportunities for industry leaders. Some quick stats: Working with 2 Airline Partners to enhance the MMID(Mixed Market Index Data), 1M+ User Inquiries over 6 months, 30% conversion rate from engagement to purchase, 50% of customers are referred by existing users, Average Saving, 30 hours & 20%$ Saving per trip for travelers
  • 3st winner Traversal Networks

    Traversal Networks

    2016 Technical field : Cyber Security
    Traversal Networks’ product is a comprehensive enterprise security solution that is starting off in the ransom-ware detection and prevention category. It is a novel endpoint product that runs as an agent on enterprise computers, backing up files automatically and detection common threats. It is combined with a network proxy service that operates at the DNS level for inspection and protection against network based data exfiltration. This gives us a 360 degree view of your enterprise traffic, no matter if your corporate devices leave the network or guest devices join, our dual monitoring solution protects you from ransom-ware.
  • Triip


    2016 Technical field : Travel
    Triip Pte. Ltd is a platform that connects local tour guides and travelers in 98 countries and 615 cities. Triip enables anyone with a tour-package to sell it to international travelers. As the global award winning travel platform, we enable travelers to enjoy the best private tours passionately crafted by handpicked local tour guides. Travelers get to enjoy private and unique traveling experiences by booking tours on
  • Tubudd


    2019 Technical field : Online marketing / e-business
    Tubudd is an innovative travel platform which offer unique and limitless services by connecting travelers to local experts.

    2018 Technical field : BMS
    We insert our long-range RFID technology into a users access card, then discretely locate seonsors throughout a building to track where every individual is. This data feeds into the platform, allowing managers to report on every individual's location in an emergency.
  • Unnyhog


    2016 Technical field : Game development
    Unnyhog is a company that makes mobile and PC games. Our current game is UnnyWorld. It's a fantasy style MMO game, which takes the best from Clash of Clans and League of Legends and allows both PC and mobile users to play together. We are targeting the global mobile market and also planning to penetrate mobile e-sports.


    2018 Technical field : CRM
    UrBox is the leading electronic gift company in Vietnam with more than 3000 partners in the supplier system, digitizes gifts with experienced e-vouchers to serve large customers in many fields.
  • Vegam Solutions

    Vegam Solutions

    2016 Technical field : Software and IOT
    Vegam Solutions Pte Ltd is a technology solutions company based in Singapore with its main development center at Bangalore, India. Vegam Solutions offers analytics, dashboard visualization and operational excellence solutions (MES) for industries like manufacturing, chemical and logistics. We are an industry enabler, offering platforms and solutions to transform manufacturing plants into smart-connected factories.
  • VersaFleet


    2016 Technical field : Logistics
    VersaFleet is a transport operations management software-as-a-service (SaaS) that empowers fleet owners with collaborative planning, route optimisation, driver dispatch and e-signing capabilities. Powering more than 8,000 tasks a day, VersaFleet has been revolutionising the transport operations of fleet owners in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We aim to level up everyday logistics worldwide, with simple yet powerful cloud software.
  • Vostok VR

    Vostok VR

    2017 Technical field : VR
    Vostok VR is a leading VR/360 video technology company in South-East Asia. The company has expanded beyond profitable content creation by launching content distribution field Chameleon VR platform. The product line is focused on exclusive virtual reality(VR) Asian drama and web series.
  • VRGlass


    2019 Technical field : VR / AR
    VRGlass is a venture builder focused on Extended Reality.
    Our brands work in software-as-a-service, On-Demand Apps, Films and Hardware projects for enterprise and retail.


    2018 Technical field : VR/AR
    VRJump is mobile mixed reality game and social networking service. However the company is also looking to expand its platform to other industries such as advertisement, tourism, information service, and education. VRJump has technology to deliver massive multiuser AR/VR experience using its unique solution that supports up to 100,000 users in single geo location.
  • WeavAir


    2018 Technical field : IoT
    Weavair monitors and improves indoor air quality through powerful AI predictive anlytics solution and a network of self-powered IoT devices with a wide range of sensors.
  • Weeshing


    2018 Technical field : Entertainment
    The first crowdfunding for shows, connecting artists with fans who could profit from a VIP experience.
  • Whitney


    2017 Technical field : SaaS in Facility, Property Managemen
    "BEAM (Building Energy Asset Management) Mobile Facility Assessment tool that is industry standardized, simple to use, and capable of increasing collaboration with team/management/client. Ability to integrate with IoT devices to get realtime monitoring of facility performance. AI/ML integration to process large data and make smart suggestions."
  • Womi Technology

    Womi Technology

    2017 Technical field : Social Platform
    All the way from Vietnam, Womi is a community driven, app providing company. It is led by a Vietnamese internet celebrity and bases most of its business credibility on it services to women, spanning from health advice to listing, booking, chat with doctor to make appoinment, sharing the result after going under a cosmetic surgery recently.
  • 4st winner XtayPro


    2018 Technical field : Travel
    XtrayPro provides a service platform that connects consumers who want to buy foreign goods and travelers who can go to the route to buy the goods.
  • Yellow Messsenger

    Yellow Messsenger

    Yellow Messenger is a company that provides corporate clients with an AI-based interactive chatbot solution in India.
  • Yoospot


    2018 Technical field : Travel, Blockchain
    Forget about notes, post-it, magazines, blogs and so on to collect the best tips about where to eat, drink, party or sightseeing. Save time listing the places you visit and those you wish to go in your city or when travelling. Check your friends' places and find out amazing spots to try and explore the most popular and trendy places. Also, get a reward for each recommendation you sent.
  • Youthstoday


    2016 Technical field : Youth Marketing is a global sponsorship and event matching platform for youth and brands. We help all student projects to raise funds from corporate brands. Currently we have over 40,000 student event organizers running over 2,000 social impact projects to help the community such as charity bazaars, leadership programs, career fairs and competitions to spearhead innovation in within the youth community. Our mission is to fund, educate and support students and young professionals by turning their ideas into successful projects through experiential events.
  • Yppuna


    2016 Technical field : Cosmetics Export
    Yppuna delivers newest beauty products from South Korean emerging brands to the doors of customers in Vietnam. As Korean cosmetics brands are facing a fierce competition, we realized there is an urgent need to help them expand to the global market, the first stop being Vietnam. The online cosmetics market of Vietnam is highly attractive in terms of scale, income generation and economic prediction and thus it presents an unmissed opportunity for cosmetics SMEs from South Korea. Yppuna will offer Korean cosmetics in our customized beauty box at our website.
  • Zenodys


    2018 Technical field : AI
    Zenodys helps companies to extract bsiness value from new and existing data in way shorter time and more efficiently.
  • 3st winner ZhenHub


    2017 Technical field : Logistics, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing
    The SafeBreak gives hospitals & patients valuable protection for any type of IV Access site, preventing accidental dislodgment.