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Matei Psatta TPS Engage / CMO / Romania

From my experience, South Korea is like a window to global expansion. When you make collaborations with international companies like Hyundai, Samsung, LG, etc., you also get the advantage of extending services to other countries.
It is definitely worth doing business here as long as you are really mindful of the Korean culture and accept that you have to adapt your style.

Hannah Waitt / CEO of moonROK Media

“Korea can be a good business market for foreign startups as well.”

Chris Georgiev / Founder and Marketing Director of Imagga

“You are supported in many different business aspects.”

Jacob J. Rezi / CEO / United States

If you are considering the Korean market, then K-Startup Grand Challenge is the best program that will help you land on your feet here. The program gives two major benefits which are the monthly stipend, which takes care of your various expenses for living and business, and the other is the networking opportunities that introduce you to many connections to help expand in the Korean market.

Jordan Monnet nr2 / CPO / France

Being here and seeing things at firsthand really made me realize how innovative Korea was. That was the reason I decided to stay here. Other thing that makes me stay in Korea is the life in the city, Seoul. You can have whatever life you want. You can have a party, go to lake, and hike mountains. This is the only place in the world where can do all activities I want to do.

Rena Koh / Co-Founder of Fashory

KSGC was an interesting shortcut to understand ecosystems in Korea.