Sina Albanese Koralo / Co-Founder / Germany (1st place)

The accelerator was really useful, as it facilitated meetings with Korean companies, enabled us to connect with different people, and suggested other acceleration programs. They helped us move forward quickly.
Short tip for the next participants from Sina Albanese:
Future participants should understand why they want to come to Korea, identify their target market, assess what the opportunities are, and envision how they see their business developing in the future.

Sina Albanese / Koralo

“For us, the Asian market was the most interesting because it has the highest consumption of seafood. Additionally, there is the greatest need going forward for an alternative source of seafood. We found KSGC, and we believed that it would be a great entry point to the Asian market.”

Brian Yonghui / Tan myFirst Technology

"KSGC provided us with a smooth transition into the Korean market. Thanks to KSGC, we've gained valuable connections, intern support, and an accelerator with business connections. This allowed us to hit the ground running."

Brian Yonghui Tan myFirst Technology / Singapore (2nd place)

When you come to a new market, sometimes you're not entirely sure whether the person you are working with is on your side. But with the KSGC program, there's no doubt. Everybody here is committed to helping your business succeed as much as possible.
Short tip for the next participants from Brian Yonghui Tan:
It's important to be flexible and adaptable in your approach. When you enter a new market, it's crucial to spend some time in the country to develop a deeper understanding.

Rachel Tobin Nao Now / CEO / United States (3rd place)

Through the KSGC program, I have been fortunate to make incredible connections, expand my network, and discover new opportunities. I’ve met the most amazing human beings here who are running their own companies.
Short tip for the next participants from Rachel Tobin:
Embrace every opportunity; don't say no to meetings or potential business engagements. Don't be afraid to ask for help or seek answers to questions, because you never know where it may lead. Three and half months go by quickly, so work efficiently and swiftly.

Rachel Tobin / Nao Now

"Being on the ground in Korea offers an incredible opportunity to expand your business. The government funding, intern support, office support, all the networking opportunities, and chances to meet major Korean companies and investors all contribute to your success.”

Cindy Romero Luarca / HerbiaEra

“Being in South Korea is a strategic move, as it opens the doors to Asia. Additionally, Canada and South Korea have a strong political relationship, which makes exporting and importing easier.”

Cindy Romero Luarca HerbiaEra / Co-Founder / Canada (5th place)

KSGC provided us with extensive help regarding legal advice, tax service, and intellectual property matters. KSGC connected us with a great professional so we could finally establish a Korean legal entity here.
Short tip for the next participants from Cindy Romero Luarca:
"Upon arrival, everything may seem intense and overwhelming, but it's crucial to keep moving forward. Even if you're unsure about how to proceed, take action in any way you can and learn as you go."