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Giftpack (2020 Alumni), AI-powered corporate gifting platform offering $1,260 credits!

KSGC 2021-03-17


Hi, this is KSGC secretariat and we are happy to share that Giftpack, who successfully finished KSGC and one of the top 30 teams, has decided to offer  more than 1,000 USD waiver for everyone reading this.

Giftpack is an AI-powered corporate gifting platform based in more than 5 cities : New York City, San Francisco, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul

Please read note from CEO (Archer) below and apply now since this offer won't last forever.




Hello everyone, this is Archer from, an AI-powered corporate gifting platform.
The world is challenging, and startups are even more problematic.

COVID has brought unprecedented shock to the world, but many people still seek hope in the turbulent times in despair. We are also making small impacts by providing the donation with our clients to non-profits worldwide; even we are a startup.

Now we decide to help the people who are on their way to change the world like everyone in KSGC.
If you are a Startup, Giftpack will waive $1,250 USD for you to send gifts to your colleagues and clients worldwide with just a click.

Don’t miss the chance to show a token of appreciation to people who stay with you during the tough time.
I’m sure 2021 will be better and we can make it together.

Please apply with the link here, and we will activate your account ASAP:

Learn more at