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[Recruitment] KSGC Scale-up and Open-Innovation Program Application (Alumni Program)

KSGC S&O 2020-06-30


NIPA is looking for applicants from KSGC Alumni to participate in 2020 Scale-Up and Open Innovation Program.

2020.06.29. National IT Industry Promotion Agency

o Objective: To scale up the businesses of KSGC Alumni by (1) Business Networking (2) Investor Relations, and (3) Open Innovation

o Teams to be selected: 15 Teams

- Teams will be divided into one of the two intensive course tracks after selection. (Track 1: Enterprise Connection, Track 2: Investment Attraction)

o Qualifications: A Participant (1) should be a KSGC alumnus (2) should be eligible to visit Korea and fully participate in the program (3) has already established, or will establish, a Korean corporation by the end of the program

o Program (See Ref.1 Scope of Program for the description of the programs)

1)     Capability Enhancement Programs

2)     Business Liaison Programs

3)     IR Programs



-          As the above programs are based on open innovation, the committee to oversee and manage these programs (Open Innovation Platform Committee) will be organized by NIPA, reputable accelerators and investors, and large corporations

-          OIP Committee will organize a sub-committee for KSGC and all startups accepted into this program will be given opportunities to participate in this sub-committee

o Application

- Deadline: 06/29 ~ 07/13 16:00(KST)

- Application Form, Pitch Deck and other required materials should be submitted via email:

o Evaluation Method and Procedure: Submission of Application Form – Document Evaluation and Interview (07.16) - Selection

o Notice: If the applicant provides false information, the application/selection will be cancelled

o Contact

- (Application) Global Startup Team / Jonghyun LEE(Manager) /

- (Program) KSGC S&O Team / Suk Hyung LEE(PM) /