CNTTech is a global foodTech platform Service provider. We have over 100 Korean B2B Food Franchise customers and over 96% market share on the foodtech platform industry. Moreover, we have numerous overseas businesses in China, Singapore, Japan among others. Leveraging on our global industry network, we have been actively supporting Asian tech startups who want to start a business in Korea and expand onto other Asian markets.

Global Entrepreneurs Foundation

Global Entrepreneurs Foundation is the first non-profit accelerator in Korea which focuses on global expansion and innovation. GEF has global-level coaches, mentoring program, and own accelerating program which includes all-in-one Startup Scale-up Solution.


Kingsley Ventures is a Korean VC arm of a British PE/VC house Kingsley Capital Partners. Our work mostly focuses on early stage investing and startup accelerating by developing business model and overseas expansion utilizing our overseas network. Kingsley Ventures was founded in 2016, and have been investing in various sectors, such as biotech, software and entertainment ever since.


Founded by experts who have a ripe experience in running Inbound and Outbound programs for early-stage startups, Awesome Ventures is an 'Ecosystem Maker' building a solid network at home and abroad that embraces from conglomerates to frontiers such as SK Telecom, Google Launchpad, BootUp Ventures and etc. From the experience in nurturing more than 183 startups throughout the world, Awesome Ventures is to build early-stage startups out of 'Global Unicorn' through the competency in accelerating in order to vitalize startup ecosystem.


Shift. focuses on startups with plans to expand into Asia, including Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. Founded in Seoul, and targeting startups ranging from Seed to Series A, Shift. is an accelerator that custom tailors its program for each startup. This is in keeping with Shift.’s core philosophy that each startup has different needs, depending on its product, stage and target market.


ABLE Ventures Inc. is a global accelerator for early stage startups full of Entrepreneurship. ABLEVentures will help promising foreign entrepreneurs build a nice team and proper essential business relationships in Korea.


Station NEO is a startup complex space that links startups with individual talent, VC, organization, and corporate. Station NEO solves problems that entrepreneurs encounter by sharing talent, experience, information through the space.


TNEEDU Inc. is an Accelerator for Young Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to rebuild the current eco-system that resulted in division for generations and giving inequal opportunity for young entrepreneurs. Our philosophy of "All and anything for Entreprenurs' gives fair opportunity to diverse groups to build healthy and successful eco-system.


Chungwoon New Technology Investment Co.
CNTI, founded by the university's Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation, provides wide range of specialized accelerating programs for early-stage startups.
We, at CNTI, identify, cultivate and accelerate startups by providing mentoring and coaching for R&D for technology development, product/service design, business model development, and corporate value enhancement. We also provide financial liaison services as well as direct investment using our venture capital fund in order for startups to secure proper funding for development.