Pangyo Techno Valley is a vibrant global convergence R&D hub for IT, BT, CT, and NT, seamlessly integrating R (Research), P (People), I (Information), and T (Trade). This innovation cluster was established to function as a new growth engine for the nation, serving as a catalyst for cutting-edge technology innovation, nurturing human talents, employment, and competitiveness in global business.

It is Korea’s premier ICT-based R&D innovation cluster, with a total of KRW 5.27 trillion (around US$ 4.2 billion) invested by the South Korean government. Completed in 2015, this expansive district offers a variety of support facilities, such as the Global R&D Center, the Public Support Center, and the Industry-Academy R&D Center.

Pangyo Techno Valley is the type of environment where SMEs and startups can freely exchange information with high-tech research institutes and large global companies. This hub aims to merge different industrial sectors, predominantly within information and communications technology, to create new business opportunities and cultivate the growth of startups.




The Competitive Edge: Techno Valley’s Infrastructure

Innovative startup infrastructure that drives the 4th industrial revolution
With comprehensive support facilities and private accelerators in the fields of loT, cloud, Big data, and mobile, Pangyo Techno Valley offers systematic assistance throughout all stages of startups, from establishment and growth to global market entry.

Robust education infrastructure that helps secure creative talent
Pangyo Techno Valley is at the forefront of cultivating talent for the 4th industrial revolution and commercializing new technologies, partnering with top universities such as Seoul National University, KAIST, and more.

Knowledge-based infrastructure of the high-tech industrial complex
Pangyo Techno Valley's strategic location, adjacent to ICT convergence and SW clusters such as Sangam DMC, Teheran Valley, and Guro Digital Complex in Seoul, as well as Gwanggyo and Ansan of Gyeonggi-do, facilitates seamless collaboration with related industries, creating powerful synergies.

Clean environmental infrastructure ideal for research
The transportation infrastructure, with the roads running in all directions, provides convenient research environments suitable for both domestic and international businesses. Pangyo is the perfect blend of an environmentally-friendly eco-city, harmoniously integrating industrial and residential areas.